National debt of USA, US Dollars
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Get a piece of America's National Debt *

DUSA token supply strictly follows official US National Debt published on Treasury's website.
We let every Earth's citizen get 1000 DUSA tokens for free.

Why do we do this?

"We are the citizens of the Earth, and we are worried about the economic instability coming from developed countries to the rest of the world. We have chosen a permanently growing US national debt as the sign of a vast trough in the distribution of capital and people's wealth.

At the same time, the government is fighting decentralized finance which can help make the economy more sound, liquid and transparent. And yes, I am talking about Libra and TON.

I have created DUSA ("Debt of USA") decentralized token based on TON blockchain to let anyone feel how easy it is to enjoy decentralized finance and join the economics of the future.

This is a non-commercial initiative designed to draw public attention to the non-rational and voluntaristic decisions taken by state leaders. I believe that each and any of us makes a difference. YOU make a difference. Don't let me down."
— James LeRoy, a citizen of the Earth

How it works

1. Mint and burn
2. Distribute to everyone
3. Get your tokens
DUSA token is following the US national debt level. It is minted or burned depending on the current debt level.
Each DUSA token represents 1 USD, but it is not the real value. Each person can get 1,000 DUSA, and all you need is Telegram messenger installed.
Push the button below to get a unique link to claim your DUSA tokens. Please note that Telegram is blocked in some countries, and thus we recommend that you use a VPN to ensure your information freedom.

Spread the word

After you get your DUSA tokens, you will also receive a gift voucher with 1,000 DUSA tokens for your friends.

Let's make some buzz out there!

Get your DUSA tokens

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